Eliminate Rework Due to Tapping Errors

Eliminate Rework Due to Tapping Errors


Automatic Threaded Hole Gage Specialist

Eagle Thread Verifier, LLC, makers of the leading automatic thread checking system, was incorporated in January 1990 as an automatic thread hole gage specialist. The ETV has saved thousands of dollars in non-conforming parts being shipped to customers throughout the automotive industry and is used as a quality control automation tool in many manufacturing plants in the Midwest. More than 50 million thread testing cycles have been conducted by the ETV system in manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.

  • reduce production costs
  • eliminate rework
  • ensure improperly tapped parts don’t reach final assembly
  • avoid errors due to manual gaging and thread inspection

Unlike conventional thread gages and Eddy current devices, the patented ETV automatically identifies and alerts operators to possible tapping errors with its automated thread checking system. The ETV can stop the line or signal rejection of the unsuitable part. Corrections can be made immediately, eliminating further inaccurate production.

The Eagle Thread Verifier is a patented automatic thread gauge that catches 99 percent of all thread problems, preventing improperly tapped parts from reaching final assembly. The ETV offers a reliable and automated method of thread inspection which eliminates expensive rework and saves production costs.

Available in single and multi-spindle arrangements, the ETV saves production time and costs. It reliably and consistently completes test cycles in seconds, adding no time to existing production cycles. Because it is automated, the ETV avoids the errors of manual gauging and inspection.

Watch a demonstration of the ETV functionality below.

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